Meet Merlon Mayrand, the Postcard Guy! If you visit historical societies and gift shops up and down the North Shore, you will find postcards for sale with photos taken by Merlon. Now a resident of Silver Bay, Merlon spent many years photographing iconic scenes along the shore and inland. Merlon’s photography started out as a […]


The Twin City Postcard Club (www.twincitypostcardclub.com) produces a newsletter every 2 months.  Their March/April 2023 issue featured WKS graduate Jane Lee and her collected postcards of Silver Bay.  Enjoy! View the Newsletter Here!

Who Are These Girls?

This picture was taken at a 1960 Home Show held at an unknown location in Silver Bay.  Can you help us identify the girls in this picture? The Bay Area Historical Society has possession of the painting in the background, but we know little of its history.  If you can help, please email us at: […]

The Life of a Water Tower

Jerry Kern, a Silver Bay resident on Burk Drive, answered our questions one recent morning about the town’s original water tower that used to sit up the hill from his house.  Jerry was away at the time, but a friend who was vacationing at his home, captured the event in pictures and even drew a […]

Recollections of the Bay Area Historical Society

Do you remember this event in Silver Bay history? On January 6, 1961 a train locomotive and several loaded ore cars derailed and hung over the rock cliff above Outer Drive in Silver Bay.  Traffic was rerouted off Outer Drive during part of the day until the locomotive could be secured.  These were big happenings […]

Rapid Serv Drive-In

The Dari-Delite building at 1040 Main Street in Beaver Bay had been vacant for 2 years when Gary Zinter, chemistry teacher at William M. Kelley High School in Silver Bay, purchased it and renamed it the Rapid Serv Drive-In. He installed a new glass and fiberglass entry, all new equipment, stainless-steel counters and was ready […]

Bay Area Historical Society Displays

These aerial photos of the Village of Silver Bay during its construction are 2 of many that appear in a slide show at the Bay Area Historical Society building.  Visit us to see the rest of them! We are also showcasing many promotional items from Silver Bay businesses past and present.  We are open Tuesdays […]

The Dari-Delite

Do you remember this restaurant? Send us a message! From 1955-1963, Ray and Lillian Nurkka owned and operated the Dari-Delite located on Highway 61 in Beaver Bay. Open only in the summer, the Nurkka’s employed their children to give them work experience. Click to view full size