Meet Merlon Mayrand, the Postcard Guy!

If you visit historical societies and gift shops up and down the North Shore, you will find postcards for sale with photos taken by Merlon. Now a resident of Silver Bay, Merlon spent many years photographing iconic scenes along the shore and inland.

Merlon’s photography started out as a hobby. After serving our country on the USS Blandy (a Navy destroyer), Merlon became a health instructor and weightlifter, winning the YMCA State of Minnesota weightlifting championship in 1965. (In 1985, he became a National Champion winning the National Masters Title for those over 40 years of age.) He loved chemistry and later became a quality control technician and supervisor at Durkee-Atwood Company.

He bought his first camera in 1981 and knew he wanted to shoot landscapes and waves! He started taking pictures on the North Shore, especially loving the capture of rainbows in waterfalls. It was important to him to take pictures of places people had been….so that the postcard they sent to someone reflected what they had experienced.

In the mid-1980’s, Merlon got permission to take pictures of NASA launches. On his walls hang dramatic scenes of space shuttles beginning their ascent to space. In April 1997, Merlon took a photo of the Comet Hale-Bopp from Palisade Head.

Merlon doesn’t charge anyone for his postcards. He wants to give back to society for his well-lived life and to advertise the beauty of the North Shore. We are grateful. The Bay Area Historical Society has many of his postcards in the Tourist Information building in Silver Bay.